Design and Processing


BELLAND®Polymers are generic thermoplastics. The materials can be processed by standard polymer converting equipments. Under normal conditions they are water resistant but on demand the material can be dissolved in aqueous alkaline solutions. Handling is safe and convenient because of VOC free processing.

The rate at which it dissolves depends on polymer grades and additives, further alkaline compound and concentration. 

The mechanical properties range from hard-firm to soft-sticky.

BELLAND®Polymers are available in different grades for a broad spectrum of applications:



Fine fibres which are soluble in aqueous alkaline solutions e.g. for temporary coating of other plastic fibres or as soluble fabric or non-wovens



Hard or soft films e.g. for theromoformed products, for soluble labels or as a temporary carrier material




Soluble foam e.g. for lost core applications, coil cores, placeholders which are removed later by dissolution, broad design latitude – freedom



Lost Cores

Production of irregular coil cores e.g. as bobbin cores or placeholders