The Company

BellandTechnology AG is looking back over a long development history and to an idea conceived more than thirty years ago.

Three decades of experience in the development, manufacture and use of a controlled alkaline-soluble polymer.

This gave rise to four business activities:

  • easily recyclable plastic products such as packaging made of BELLAND®Material
  • organisation and operation of logistics and disposal systems (dual systems) for retail packaging to prevent waste and recover secondary raw materials
  • the BELLAND®System, which combines BELLAND®Material, BELLAND®Technology and a dual system for the establishment of a consistent, comprehensive recycling system in growing economies
  • development, manufacture and marketing of functional polymers “or” smart polymers, our latest field of activity

The company is underwritten by private investors who are committed to Belland Technology AG because we share a dedication to conserving natural resources through sustainable environmental practices.